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Monday, September 3, 2012


The other day I was reading a passage in Luke that struck me in a different way than ever before. It is found in Chapter 12, verses 22-29. Jesus was teaching His disciples about trusting God to provide our needs, and He used as an example the ravens of the air. Jesus reminded them they do not sow or reap and don’t have barns to fill with extra food, yet God feeds them. And then He hammers home His point by saying, “And how much more valuable you are than birds!”

This is made even more graphic when you consider the fact that ravens are considered unclean by Jews. They wouldn’t touch one on purpose for anything. But God still considers them worthy of provision and protection. He doesn’t wait for them to somehow become magically clean overnight. Instead, He cares for them in their so-called contaminated state. Just as He does for me.

But Jesus isn’t through with His lesson yet. He goes on to tell us to consider the lilies of the fields, how they don’t work, either. But Solomon, considered the most wealthy and prosperous man of the Old Testament days, did not have glory equal to this simple flower. In spite of my lack of faith, He will take care of me as He does the lily and the raven, who do not endure forever. He clothes me—that is, provides for my basic needs—even if I do not, or can not, lift a finger to provide for myself.

Another point of interest from this story is the fact that birds do go out to seek food but lilies are stuck in the ground and must wait for nourishment to come to them in order to survive. It matters not what I do, only that God provides.

Salvation cannot be earned, no matter how hard I work. It is a gift from God’s heart. He offers it to each of us and I am humbled to have accepted that gift from Him. It has changed everything for me!

When I write, I can only do so much to get something published. I have to use discernment and wisdom to know where to submit; but in the end, it is not my decision. It is left up to others. I can pray for them to choose publication for my book but I cannot force it to happen. I must stay put and wait for God’s nourishment and reward to be showered upon me. Yet I must never give up hope! When the time is right He will provide, for He has called. That I know. The waiting is hard but not impossible!

Meanwhile, I study and learn more about my craft and get the submissions done. They will never bless anyone sitting in a drawer or trapped in my computer. And I pray for patience to wait on His timing and His answer. I may seek other venues—as the raven goes out to seek food—but in the end, I am more like the lily. If we can work at it, we should. Other times, we simply wait.

Which are you today, the raven or the lily?


  1. Can you be a raven and a lily at the same time? I'm waiting to hear about some submissions, but on the other hand I'm gearing up to go and seek out, especially where my book is concerned. Good thoughts, Laura!

  2. Yes, you certainly can, Cheryl. Good thought, too. So much of life is not black & white but a multitude of combinations! Thanks for commenting!