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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Far Above Ordinary

Are you just “ordinary”? I never have liked that word, frankly. It indicates to me someone who never really tries, who never puts forth any real effort much less extra effort, who settles for mediocre when excellence is the point! So please don’t ever call me ordinary!

My prayer is that my writing for the Lord will be considered far and above the normal that is out there for others to read. Above the average. Above the usual. Above the—well, ordinary! How to make it shine and sparkle is the goal to which I aspire. Whether or not I make that is up to my readers, of course, but I believe that with God’s inspiration behind every word He is the One who will make that difference clear. So I continue to hone my craft and practice it continually, editing and shaping it until I am satisfied it is the best I can produce with His help. Results are not up to me, they are in His hands. As my husband likes to say regarding our homebuilding business, “Production is my job. Marketing and sales belong to God alone.”

Recently I read an awesome quote written by a friend of mine, Nick Adams, who kindly gave his permission for me to use it here and which speaks to this same thing from a faith standpoint. “God never created you to be ordinary. He created you to leave your mark on this generation. God wants you to do something big. Do it!”

What can I do that is “big”? Anything that the Father has planned! When should I do it? Now! How do I do it? Obedience and perseverance! Where do I do it? Wherever God has planted me! Why should I do this big thing? Because He has ordained it and commanded me and guides my every step!

Are you ready to join me in this exciting venture? Throw away ordinary and add that extra effort to become what He has planned all along—extraordinary! Your readers will thank you and those whose lives you touch outside your writing will also be grateful. And most important of all, God will be glorified when you do rather than just talk about it. Remember, the goal is excellence in everything, just as He displays that same quality in all His works here on earth. How can we do any less?