Welcome to "Showers of Blessings" which is a blog for writers and their readers! It is my prayer you will find many blessings in these humble words as you open your heart to hear about my best friend, Jesus Christ. He has called me to write for Him and though I remain stunned by this, wondering how He could use someone like me in this competitive industry, I know He has equipped me to do the job or He would never have opened all the doors He has to a career in writing. He gets all the glory for such an awesome plan, believe me!

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

This week has been rough on my writing schedule, with so much else going on that it has been hard to focus on writing and to accomplish my goal of writing, or at least editing and/or rewriting, a chapter a day. But the characters have been much in my mind and that has helped me feel close to the book even though I'm not actually at my computer writing.

One of the themes of this book is identifying and staying in God's Will. It didn't start out that way but that is precisely what the book really is about! I know God is saying something to me through this experience of "living" the plot of the book so I have been trying to listen with God-sensitive ears. Amazing that the Lord would take me on the same journey I am taking my characters!

In spite of the crazy week (and I have an even crazier one ahead this week!) I believe I have made progress in understanding and knowing the characters in this piece a little better--just as I have made progress in knowing and understanding with a fresh awareness how God's Will plays out in my life. This is one of the most awesome blessings God has shared with me this week and I pray that He will continue to shower me in this way during these busy days. May God's rich blessings be on you as well!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well, here we go with this new venture! In case you are wondering why my "address" says Belle it is because that is from my middle name. For your information, I plan on updating my blog at least once a week or as often as I possibly can.

God has showered His blessings on my life in such a multitude of ways but never more than how He called and has sustained me as I write for Him. This blog seems a perfect way to share these blessings with others, provided they read my posts! So feel free to share this blog with others and I encourage you to comment on the posts as well. Each one counts as a contact with publishers and agents as I build a platform from which to market my books once a manuscript is completed.

My latest blessing has been having a Prayer Team in place to pray for my writing. These are friends who are dear to my heart but also have believed in my ability and calling to write, some for years. They have encouraged me, held me accountable, and loved me through some difficult times. Now they are organized to pray for me on a regular basis. The Lord placed this concept on my heart some time ago but it took me several months to get things going by first bathing it in prayer, recruiting those who were willing to serve, and sending out a prayer list for this month of specific needs. I cannot express my gratitude deeply enough to these precious ladies! It is my sincere hope this group of women will lift me up to the Lord even as I struggle to get each word down on paper (or the computer screen, actually!), pray about decisions such as an agent or publisher, and compile all the vast research I've done on each book. Thus, I will have in place a hedge of protection to protect me from distractions and discouragement. My enemy is cunning and powerful, but I serve a God who is mightier than he!

And this God has used Ephesians 3:16-21 in my life in countless ways so it will be my guide in this blog as well. I desire only to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ with my writing, never myself, and pray that lives will be changed for eternity because of the words He has put into my heart and which I have been obedient to record in my writings.

Thank You, Lord, for going down deep into the soil of my heart so that my roots will go down deep into Your love, guarding my heart and life as I rest in You! We'll talk soon. Meanwhile, I pray many showers of blessings will fall on you, my most important readers!!